The Evolving Role of the CFO

A recent Argyle CFO survey validated our view that Finance is becoming the “information hub” of the organization.   It also highlighted how CFOs are becoming a powerful change agent and are partnering more closely with line of business managers. 

Keeping with this theme, we recently recorded an interview with Planful CFO Ian Charles to get his take on this subject of the evolving role of the CFO. 

In this short video, you can hear Ian’s view on the role of the CFO as co-pilot to the CEO, likening it to the role of a tactician on a sailboat providing data and metrics to the captain.  He also provides his views on the skills required for a successful Finance team, including the need to work effectively across functions.  And he highlights the opportunity for Finance to forge a better link with operations, especially when it comes to the planning process.   Finally, you can hear Ian’s view on the key skills needed to be a successful CFO in today’s fast-changing market.

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