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Perform 2022 On-Demand Replays for CFOs and Finance Leaders

Perform 2022 On-Demand Replays for CFOs and Finance Leaders

Did you miss Perform 2022 live? No problem, we’ve got your back. We’re dropping on-demand replays of nearly every keynote, session, and customer story from the year’s best event for finance and accounting professionals. It’s free and available to watch at your leisure, exclusively at

Perform 2022 had dozens of finance, accounting, and FP&A practitioners, industry influencers, and Planful executives leading sessions and keynotes designed to help you prepare for whatever comes next. For CFOs, finance and accounting leaders, and aspiring leaders, many speakers focused specifically on strategy, leadership, and thriving in this Golden Age of CFO Technology.

Another important topic covered in depth at Perform 2022 was scalability. Related to CFO technology, scalability is a key requirement for growing companies. And, for finance and accounting leaders charged with maintaining financial performance and security, several Perform 2022 sessions explored how larger enterprises are using Planful to stay nimble as they grow.

Here are just a few sessions from Perform 2022 particularly geared towards leaders across the Office of the CFO

Opening Keynote: Grant Halloran, CEO of Planful, set the tone for Perform 2022 and discussed how the Office of the CFO can thrive in what is truly becoming the Golden Age of CFO Tech.
Letting Go So You Can Move Forward: Noted author and FP&A visionary Steve Player, Managing Director at Future Ready Finance, explained how companies have benefited by moving to rolling forecasts, explored best practices for dealing with uncertainty using scenario planning, and showed how to create the capacity to move forward and become future ready.
Focusing on Culture in the Office of the CFO: Erik Nakamura, Chief Financial Officer at Orange Comet, explained how CFOs can be their team’s cultural leader and shared key elements every organization needs to create a robust culture. Erik also covered why CFOs must promote environmental, social and governance (ESG) and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.
A CFO’s Guide to People and Performance Optimization: Chris Ortega, CEO at Fresh FP&A, a finance and accounting consulting firm, dug into the role Finance plays in adapting their people and performance strategies while considering talent retention, career development, and overall company performance.
Shifting Finance to Combine Empathy and Data-Driven Decision-Making: Chris Ortega also looked at the emphasis CFOs need to put on improving connections, collaboration, and communication with every corner of the business.

Customer-Led Sessions

For those of you working to grow finance and accounting as your business reaches enterprise scale, Perform 2022 featured several customer-led sessions exploring how they’re using Planful to manage large-scale growth and enterprise complexity.

CapEx Planning & Execution at All Business Levels: FP&A teams are taking a new look at CapEx budgeting and planning. Michael Tremor, Senior Analyst, Corporate Applications at Vistra, an integrated retail electricity and power generation company, explained how the company uses Planful to plan their capital expenditures at a corporate and operational level.
How Golden State Foods Modeled Its Business Down to the SKU: Lauren Bissell, Continuous Improvement Manager – FP&A at this foodservice industry supplier, explained how the company used Planful to budget and forecast down to the SKU level with a scalable, easy to maintain, and easily adopted platform.
How National DCP Uses Bespoke Financial Reports to Cut Through the Clutter: Michael Zambetti, Manager, Finance & Data Analytics at this foodservice supply chain solution provider, explained how the company uses Planful as its central source of financial truth to build and deliver reports that work for every corner of the business.
How CCI Used Visual Dashboards to Empower Every Corner of the Business: Dashboards offer a fast, powerful way to deliver visual, interactive insights. Kelly Wills, CPA, Manager of Financial Systems & Accounting at this holding company explained how finance and accounting can design, build, and distribute dashboards in Planful so stakeholders can easily spot trends, identify performance gaps, and stay in front of business goals.

Stay tuned for more on-demand video drops over the next few weeks. Or, get ahead of the pack and watch them all right now at

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