Our New Tailored Training Program Dresses Your Team for (Planful) Success

Our New Tailored Training Program Dresses Your Team for (Planful) Success

We work hard to make Planful intuitive and easy to use for our customers. Our development and product teams bring real-world finance, accounting, marketing, HR, and related expertise to help ensure our products seamlessly enhance the experience for the typical business user.

For most customers, a quick browse through Planful Academy is all that’s required to stride down the runway with confidence. It’s included in your Planful subscription and available on demand for your convenience.

But, for those with unique workflows, highly complex processes, or a need to create individualized training programs, we’re happy to offer our new Tailored Training program.

Planful Training, Tailored To Your Needs

Think of Planful Academy as our off-the-rack training that teaches you the basics and gets teams started quickly. But, each organization is unique, has a unique team and culture, and takes a unique approach to change management.

If your Planful deployment is built for your specific processes, it may take a tweak or two to adjust the Planful Academy sessions to match your desired user experience. This is the perfect opportunity for Planful Tailored Training! It starts with our off-the-rack training, but it’s altered with a taper here, a hem there, and a tuck over there. We’ll then work with you to scope and tailor your training needs. Each tailored session, which is delivered privately and exclusively for you, includes ample class time and a reference guide users can refer to or print for ongoing support.

Want to train department managers to create and run weekly performance reports? Need to empower far-flung facility managers to update budgets? Need a trusted “source of truth” resource for your business workflows? Tailored Training is here to help!

Tailored Training also includes dedicated office hours for your teams to engage with focused Planful experts. Some sessions even include continuing professional education (CPE) credits.

Of course, for customers who require customized training sessions covering highly specialized processes and workflows, we can do that, too. We’ll simply expand on the Tailored Training framework to build a bespoke program that fits perfectly.

A New, Sustainable Train-the-Trainer Program, Too

As part of our new Tailored Training program, we’re also now offering a Train-the-Trainer program to equip members of your team with the skills and resources necessary to train your workforce on Planful. Larger customers frequently look to develop an in-house training capacity to streamline the training effort, quickly expand adoption, and customize training with their terminology, industry practices, and more. It also allows you to democratize your Planful expertise across many workers, avoid knowledge gaps if trainers depart, and make adjustments and updates to the training as you like.

Since your people know your people best, creating an in-house Planful training capacity also helps with rollout, adoption, and change management. In fact, a robust training program helps drive:

  • 68% higher adoption rates,
  • 56% more product features utilized, and
  • 87% of users working independently.

Train-the-Trainer provides experienced guidance to support the creation of your customized training program. You’ll have the opportunity to develop a “Planful Playbook” covering relevant processes in detail and which current and future workers can use as their go-to Planful training guide. We’ll also provide expertise in engaging users, spurring adoption, and creating Planful advocates, all in pursuit of better outcomes for your organization.

Oh, and trainers can earn Planful badges to share across Planful Engage, LinkedIn, and the Planful community. Bonus!

Tailor Your Planful Training Today

If your mind is already stitching together ideas for a Tailored Training or a Train-the-Trainer program, contact your customer success manager directly or reach out to the Planful training team at We’ll have your training needs measured, dressed, and looking their best in no time!

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