Nucleus Research Publishes 2020 CPM Value Matrix: Planful Is A Leader for 7th Year Running

“Planning is not optional for any company, regardless of size and financial status, and the ability to adhere to a plan in the face of external forces is critical for long-term success,” begins Nucleus Research’s 2020 CPM Value Matrix report.

Read the full report here.

Nucleus Research analysts evaluate the vendors in the space “based on their usability and functionality, as well as the value that customers realized from each product’s capabilities”, then divide those vendors into four categories: Leaders, Experts, Facilitators, and Core Providers.

In our seventh consecutive year of being named a Leader, we are proud to announce that Planful has received our highest grade yet.

“Planful remains in the leader category for the seventh year in a row and has an improved placement in the latest quadrant because the company is making smart investments in usability, functionality and market positioning,” said Andrew MacMillen, Research Analyst at Nucleus Research. “Planful is delivering long-term value to midmarket and enterprise sector users, enabling customers to transcend the limitations of spreadsheets and legacy software to engage in Continuous Planning and achieve greater agility.”

This recognition motivates our team as we continue on our mission to serve and empower finance professionals everywhere. Our products are geared toward helping you and your finance team deliver timely, accurate, strategic insights to the rest of your company.

Usability and Adaptability Core To Continuous Planning

Planful’s “customers observe that ease-of-use and flexibility for numerous use cases are two of the solution’s strongest aspects”, according to the Matrix. One of our core philosophies is that the Planful platform elevates your company’s financial IQ by helping finance bridge the gap with other departments, serving as strategic advisors for major decisions. Our dynamic planning capabilities help business users easily and readily access the finance team’s reports and data, and we see this increased collaboration lead to better decision-making across the entire company.

The Matrix also took note of our Continuous Planning vision, explaining that “by increasing company-wide participation in financial processes, thus including new and unconventional perspectives, Planful believes that companies will discover new insights about operations and performance.”

Planful CEO, Grant Halloran, cited an example of this in a recent interview with CFO Thought Leader, using workforce planning as an example:

“If you’re a division leader or department head… and often for our customers, workforce is their biggest expense – you need to be able to replan and, on a very tactical planning basis, adjust your workforce hiring plans. Whether that’s the number of people, the level of people, the salary, locations or whatnot, it’s all these different dimensions of workforce planning. So you can imagine that across a larger organization that is a very high frequency planning use case happening every day.”

New Vision, New Name, Same Great Platform

Along with our product, Nucleus took stock of new developments in the business front over the past year. They mentioned our solution integration with Blackline in May 2019 and our partnership with OneCloud in June 2019, while also taking note of CEO Grant Halloran coming on board in July. Most recently (and noticeably), Nucleus wrote about our rebrand and recognized that we’re “directly emphasizing [our] vision of continuous financial planning” with our new identity.

“Nucleus sees Planful’s shift in marketing and further investments in usability as positive developments improving this year’s placement,” and, in the spirit of our commitment to product usability, we’re excited to tease our upcoming improvements to our platform’s user interface.

Thank you to Nucleus Research for the recognition — we strive to keep raising our own bar, and we take pride in relentlessly improving our product in service of our customers.

Read the full report here.

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