The Ultimate Marketing Campaign Template

To help you think through your campaign in its entirety, you can use our comprehensive marketing campaign template. Marketing teams can strategize, execute, and manage marketing campaigns with this template.

What is a Marketing Campaign?

A marketing campaign is defined as an organized plan to promote a specific message and reach a goal. Using a template for a marketing campaign can help manage and execute a campaign.

What’s Included in Our Marketing Campaign Template?

Our template is designed to provide a framework and launch plan for campaigns. Below, we list the fields included in the marketing campaign template and how to fill out each field. The template includes 17 fields in total to fill out.

  • Goals – list the goals of the marketing campaign. One campaign could have several goals.
  • Audience – determine the audience you want to reach.
  • Topline Message – a sentence on the overall message, providing the top-level purpose of a campaign.
  • Supporting Messages – several supporting messages of the campaign.
  • Marketing Strategy – a short outline of the strategy of the campaign.
  • Call-To-Actions (CTAs) – what are the next steps for your target audience to take? List all of the call-to-actions of the campaign.
  • Metrics of Success – which key performance indicators are tracked? Be specific in the goals set by adding a value or number.
  • Campaign Duration – how long will your marketing campaign last? This template includes specific start and end dates of the campaign.
  • Content – outline the content to be created in order to carry out the message of your marketing campaign.
  • Marketing Channels – which channels will you use to reach your target audience and promote your message?
  • Customer Marketing Activity – how to reach your existing customers
  • PR/AR Activity – determines your PR strategy. How press releases should be used to support your marketing campaign.
  • Nurturing Activity – how an email nurturing plan supports your campaign.
  • Internal Communications – how to present the marketing campaign updates to the internal team.
  • Timeline – specific dates to carry out actions within the marketing campaign.
  • Marketing Budget – includes the budget for the marketing campaign.
  • Expected Marketing ROI – what is the amount of revenue you expect to drive, and how does this measure up to your budget? 

When using this marketing campaign template, not all of these fields need to be filled out for every campaign you do, but if you are running large-scale integrated campaigns, this framework should help you pull in all the detail.

Our FREE Marketing Campaign Template

Ready to get started? Below is our marketing campaign template that can be used for your next campaign. Be sure to be descriptive and detailed when filling out the fields listed on the template:

Campaign Template Example:

Want to see our ultimate marketing campaign template used in action? Below is an example of the marketing campaign template filled out with a Planful campaign for a product launch. Notice the level of detail that is filled out for each field of the campaign template.

As you can see in the example above, the marketing campaign template includes the level of detail needed for each field to help carry out your campaign. It includes top-level items such as goals, and campaign messaging. It also covers all marketing channels, including email, public relations, social media advertising, and content marketing.

Why You Should Use a Marketing Campaign Template

By using the marketing campaign template, your marketing team will have everything you need to move forward to create successful campaigns. This includes everything from the campaign timeline, to marketing and PR activities, strategies, and more.

With all of the details of a marketing campaign in one place, everyone involved in managing and executing the campaign can refer to the filled-out template and get the details of the plan and strategy.

To learn more about campaign management, check out our “marketing campaign management” blog.

Please let us know how you like using the marketing campaign template – we look forward to hearing from you! And learn more about Planful’s new marketing plan builder to easily build marketing plans online.


Scott Todaro Avatar Bio Blog Post - Why I joined PlanfulScott Todaro is currently the CMO of Planful, an AI-based marketing planning software. Scott has been with the company from the beginning as an advisor. With 27 years in marketing management positions chasing the dream, Scott has been lucky enough to work at several successful companies that used marketing the right way.  Scott holds two degrees in marketing and taught marketing strategy as an adjunct professor at the University of Massachusetts. You can follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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