Just Released: Being Planful

That’s right, today we released Being Planful, a show for you to watch, listen and learn from your peers, analysts and industry experts.  

I will be interviewing with folks from all over the industry where we will discuss how adopting a ‘Planful’ mindset can lead to huge wins for your organization, personally and professionally.

Without further ado, let me introduce the first three episodes.

We had to kick start the show with a bang, and that we did.  I hosted planning and decision-making expert Howard Dresner, Chief Research Officer at Dresner Advisory Services recently to discuss two major pieces of research:

  • Covid Business Impact Survey
  • Current trends in Planning (EPM)

Howard also recently released Wisdom of Crowds® Enterprise Performance Management Market Study, grab your free copy here.

Episode 0002 – Managing high growth | Kevin Zell

We hit the shortcut button a little bit here to give you access to some amazing sessions from the Planful Virtual Tour.  In this session from the event, Kevin Zell, Strategic Finance Manager at Carta talks with Planful’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, Brian Martell. 

Brian and Kevin discuss how the Carta team were able to transition from a manual, spreadsheet based approach to managing Carta’s growth to rapidly adopting the Planful platform and achieving significant wins for the team and the business.

Episode 0003 – Hitting a home run | Tim Zue

This session from the Virtual Tour was too good not to reshare.  

Join Tim as he walks through the transformation of FP&A at the Red Sox and how his team has expanded the use of Planful across the Red Sox organization for reporting, monthly forecasting, financial close, and more.

Tim also touches on his approach to technology transformation in the office of finance, and how his team is regrouping to deal with a curtailed baseball season due to COVID-19.

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I hope that you will join me each week by subscribing to Being Planful, and look forward to hearing from you.  If you’d like to be on the show, just reach out to me via email

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