Finance, Marketing, Accounting, HR, Ops: Bring Your Dream Team To Perform23 – Your Comprehensive Finance Conference

Finance, Marketing, Accounting, HR, Ops: Bring Your Dream Team To Perform23 - Your Comprehensive Finance Conference

Perform23, your financial performance management conference for 2023, is right around the corner, coming to Chicago on May 10-12 or streaming virtually. This financial event will bring together a dream team of finance, accounting, marketing, HR, and other pros to learn, share, and grow as a cohesive squad. It’s your chance to huddle with your colleagues, discover new ways to ensure everyone runs the right plays, and rally the entire business to reach peak financial performance in 2023.

Register now to get the early bird price for Perform23 in Chicago, but hurry because the price jumps on April 7. Or, register for the completely free virtual version of Perform23 and join us from anywhere.

Because Financial Performance Management Is a Team Sport

The Perform23 finance conference has been designed to offer insights and perspectives that will improve how you approach financial performance management. But reaching peak financial performance requires every player to bring their A-game. Finance needs Sales to deliver wins, Sales needs Marketing to bring the heat, Marketing relies on HR to pack the bench. When you’re all working together, and with agility, success is easy even in times of volatility and uncertainty.

Perform23 will bring your organization together to focus on financial performance management. We know that finance, accounting, marketing, HR, and other teams need to work their own way, yet do it collaboratively. Just like each player has a distinct role, but all need to know the overall strategy.

Financial performance management centralizes and accelerates budgeting across every department; helps finance and accounting teams speed close and consolidation, reporting, scenario planning, and other financial processes; gives marketers the insights to create a bigger impact with more efficiency; and so much more.

Our user-focused financial conference will help you find ways to align the entire business around broader financial performance goals while giving individual departments the flexibility and agility to plan their own way.

Don’t forget: register now for the in-person event or the completely free virtual event.

A Financial Performance Grand Slam at Perform23

We’re gathering experienced influencers, progressive thought leaders, and innovative partners to share their insights at Perform23, each exploring new ways to plan collaboratively, react with agility, and remain resilient no matter what 2023 brings. We’ll also have a lineup of Planful executives, technical experts, partners, and others to answer your questions, share our vision, and offer tips and tricks for winning against any competitor.

Here’s a quick look at what we’ve scheduled so far for Perform23:

  • For finance and accounting teams:
    • Expect practical, customer-led sessions from Zappos, Builders Mutual Insurance, Rocket Software, Merchants Fleet, FileVine, Ten Lifestyle Group, and many others.
    • Learn how to take control of complex financial consolidations, gain more visibility into cash flow, transform accounting across reconciliation to consolidation to external reporting, and more.
    • See how artificial intelligence is reducing friction for non-finance stakeholders and creating a more cohesive team across the business.
  • For marketers:
    • Join four 2-hour workshops to learn best practices for building, executing, measuring, and leading your teams to operational marketing excellence. These workshops will go hands-on using a proven step-by-step approach for building your unique plan in Planful for Marketing.
    • Learn how to accurately measure marketing ROI and use it to move forward with confidence.
  • For HR teams:
    • Explore new ways you can use workforce planning reports to build winning teams.
    • Learn how to build flexibility into your workforce and adapt to changing business needs.
  • For admins, operations teams, and power users:
    • Get an exclusive look at the Planful product roadmap to see what’s planned for 2023.
      Don’t miss the technical “Ask Us Anything” covering the ins-and-outs of the Planful Platform.

And there’s still more to come! Check out the Perform23 agenda for the latest schedule and new session additions.

Perform23 Is a Slam Dunk

Discover new ways to team up to reach organizational goals. Learn how to give individual departments the flexibility to plan their own way yet still work together as a dream team. Hear innovative MVPs and superstar practitioners as they explore new ways to drive peak financial performance.

Perform23 is for your entire organization! Bring your finance, accounting, marketing, HR, and other peers to learn together and face your next challenge head-on as a team.

It’s all happening May 10-12, 2023, in Chicago or via the free virtual event.

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