Financial Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting

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Financial Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting


Financial Planning
with Speed and Agility

Plans, budgets, and forecasts need to reflect the reality of today’s uncertain landscape. Using stale data risks missed targets and misallocated funds. Planful’s financial planning software makes it easy to gather the necessary data, make insightful decisions, and take action without time-consuming manual processes.

Too difficult to deliver timely information?
Making guesses based on outdated data?
Planning in disconnected, misaligned silos?

Planful helps align your strategic business objectives with financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes to drive actionable insights across your business. Eliminate the manual financial planning process of compiling spreadsheets providing your team with the time to analyze past performance and proactively adjust the forecast to adjust your business as the market changes.

How Planful Helps You with Financial Planning

  • Take Back Time From Your Manual ProcessesReduce time spent creating budgets and forecasts across disconnected financial systems. Automate data collection and alleviate the risk of inaccuracy. Give your team more time to focus on bringing insights to the business.
  • Course Correct With AccuracyUse operational and financial models, financial plans, and forecasts to explore decisions from every angle. Then use these insights to drive action when new opportunities arise and market trends shift.
  • Empower Leaders Across the BusinessAdapt to strategic changes, help the business to shift more quickly, and align executive direction with business action.

Discover How to Improve Your Financial Processes

Use Case

Annual Operating Plan

Define the company blueprint for the year

Use Case

Cash Flow Forecasting

Optimize cash, manage short term, invest in the long term

Use Case

Financial Close Management

Automate your monthly close

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