Financial Reporting


Elevate the financial IQ of all key decision makers

Effective financial and management reporting relies on your ability to present to leadership effectively, while investigating trends quickly.

Find it difficult to deliver timely information?
Do your end users understand the impact of their decisions?
Experiencing constant reporting errors?

Financial Reporting with Planful is automated, robust and secure. Provide your leadership board quality reporting while your team collaborates and investigates with drill-through, and ad-hoc analysis. Eliminate manual errors and trust your data.

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How Planful helps you

  • Take Back Your TimeEnsure your reports and dashboards are as high quality as the data they represent. Spend time understanding your business, not formatting your reports.
  • Monitor with ConfidenceTake corrective action with Predict: Signals, AI-driven anomaly detection enabling you with robust investigative capabilities to ensure confidence in presenting your numbers.
  • Own Your ReportingCater to your process or business partner through native web based reporting and seamless Microsoft 365 integration.

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Use Case

Cash Flow Forecasting

Optimize cash, manage short term, invest in the long term

Use Case

Scenario Analysis

Explore every option, ready to pivot at a moment’s notice

Use Case

Planning, Budgeting, & Forecasting

Align with your strategy, plan with speed and agility.

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