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Why do agile teams choose Planful? To break the cycle of long hours and tedious manual processes. To make smarter, more strategic decisions. To spark collaboration. To act faster using better insights. To thrive.

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Planful gives finance and accounting a solution to eliminate guesswork, overcome friction, and automate monotony. You ‘ll then work faster and smarter, participate in partnership with the business, and define the route to success. Planful gives you the power to be your future best self, today.

Endless Agility

Planful puts you in front of change and uncertainty with fast access to timely data and shared insights for quicker action.

Insightful Collaboration

Planful brings the business together on a single, flexible, business-wide platform for analytics, reporting, and planning.

Improved Decision-Making

Planful puts the right insights into the right hands, on time and in context, for a better view of opportunities and more confidence in decisions.

Automate easy

Tomorrow’s FP&A is less manual, more value.

Automate easy. Breaking out of old habits and familiar processes is hard.

  • 25,000 Hours Eliminated Annually with automation
  • 88% Of Spreadsheets Contain at least one error
  • 70% FP&A Data Gathered via manually
  • 75% Need a full week for each month’s close

Before, we were lucky just to get the numbers. With Planful we get the numbers and the whole story.

Mark Cohen
VP of Finance, Thule

You’ll be thankful you chose Planful.

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