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Transform Your Sales and Production Planning

Optimize your approach to manufacturing and CPG production by integrating supply and demand and eliminating silos between teams. Planful gets you going in the right direction.

Integrate Supply With Demand

Transform the traditional approach to production with an integrated view of supply and demand factors.

Eliminate Information Silos

Centralize data collection, analysis, and reporting across production, procurement, and financial planning teams.

Get Real-Time Updates

See the latest production forecasts, vendor costing, and financial outcomes based on real-time market and production data.

Increase Production Agility

Respond to market changes, customer demand, capacity constraints, and more without delay.

“Planful is allowing us to grow, invest, and perform at the level we need, which is why we renewed our contract — again."

Shane RiddleManager of Financial Reporting and Analytics, Planar Systems

Create Detailed Production Plans

Use granular templates to create plans at any level of detail, capturing production plans at the plant and location level and including production capacities and constraints.

See Comprehensive Costs and Profits

See cost breakdowns from incoming raw materials through to finished goods with vendor-specific costs and efficiency metrics. Forecast production and sales to visualize impacts to COGS, margins, and P&L.

Forecast Demand Through Production

Adjust production plans based on actual and forecasted market demand, with added insights based on scenario plans and what-if analyses.

Get Started with Sales & Operations (S&OP) Planning

Learn how Planful helps you optimize your sales and operations strategies easily, quickly, and from a single source of truth.

Get Started with Planful

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