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Enhance Revenue Visibility From Pipeline to Profits

Planful provides a structured foundation for building detailed SaaS revenue planning models quickly. Whether it’s CAC, MRR, LTV, or another slice, Planful gets you going in the right direction.


Improve analysis of the sales pipeline for better revenue forecasting and more effective strategies for acquiring customers.

Realize Real-Time Accuracy

Seamlessly integrate with CRM and ERP systems to ensure real-time data accuracy.

Identify Opportunities

Use cohort analysis to examine segment behavior, identify trends, optimize for new business, and spot expansion opportunities.

Flexible Revenue Frameworks

Manage SaaS-focused subscription-based, usage-based, and other revenue models.

“Planful helps us make finance relevant to operations so we’re speaking the same language. What’s really exciting is how Planful lets our business users get on the platform with no technical knowledge needed.”

Luis MartinezRocket Software

Dig Deeper With Comprehensive Sales Pipeline Analysis

Get a detailed analysis of the sales pipeline, including metrics such as new customer and expansion Annual Recurring Revenue.

Integrate with your CRM and ERP

Streamline data aggregation and improve ARR performance analysis with automated data transfers.

Move Faster With a Flexible and Scalable Framework

Gain support for various revenue models (subscription-based, usage-based) and its cohort analysis features, providing granularity in analyzing segment behavior and forecasting revenue.

Get Started With SaaS Revenue Forecasting

Learn how Planful helps you navigate SaaS revenue easily, quickly, and from a single source of truth.

Get Started with Planful

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