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Integrate Forecasts, Costs, Pricing, and More

Planful’s solution templates provide a structured foundation for modeling manufacturing demand units quickly. When you need to adapt to changing markets, Planful gets you going in the right direction.

Capture and Centralize Key Components

Align demand forecasting, inventory management, labor cost analysis, and pricing strategy on a centralized platform.

Match Production With Demand

Ensure manufacturing operations are in sync with market demand to prevent stock shortages and optimize resource allocations.

Enable More Flexible Production

Support detailed demand analysis across manufacturing activities, including production, labor, and material costs, enabling precise planning and operational efficiency.

“Planful is saving our four plant controllers at least a half-day each month, and saving our corporate controller as much as a week every month.”

Mike PetrauskasManager of Financial Planning and Analysis, Elgin Equipment Group

Accurately Forecast Demand and Manage Inventories

Adjust production forecasts based on real-time market demand, and integrate with inventory roll-forward models to adjust inventory to changing demand.

Align Pricing to Demand

Link pricing models to demand forecasts to tailor production plans across different and customer-specific scenarios.

Optimize Resources and Plan Top-Down or Bottom-Up

Align labor and materials utilization with production needs, and use Planful’s capabilities to model the impact of different demand scenarios on production and financial performance.

Get Started with Manufacturing Demand Units Modeling

Learn how Planful helps you navigate demand planning easily, quickly, and from a single source of truth.

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