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Maximize the Effectiveness of Campaign Budgets

Planful makes it easy to ditch manual tracking and streamline how you manage campaign expenses. When you need to maximize Marketing’s impact, Planful gets you going in the right direction.

Allocate Resources More Effectively

Track campaign expenses, connect to PO systems to ease expense tracking, add GL codes, and simplify plan vs. actuals analysis and amortization schedules.

Budgeting for Success

Get out of spreadsheets and into a tailored solution that enhances visibility, and strategically redirects your budget to high-impact initiatives.

Maximize Campaign ROI

Track expenses more accurately to identify which strategies and channels are yielding the best results.

“Planful has increased efficiency in forecasting a large complex budget every month. Now budget managers can easily forecast based on real-time data.”

Christine KellyTeam Lead, Marketing Operations

Effectively Track and Manage Campaign Expenses

Leverage real-time spend visibility to identify your most impactful areas and enhance decision-making.

Integrate With Your PO Systems

Eliminate manual expense matching with POs and expenses. This provides visibility as costs are incurred and matched against GL codes.

Easily Amortize Campaign Spend

Break spend down by period to understand monthly spend, instead waiting until the quarter- or year-end.

Get Started With Campaign Expense Management

Learn how Planful helps you navigate campaign expenses easily, quickly, and from a single source of truth.

Get Started with Planful

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