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ERP and FP&A Platform Best Practices

Dig in to learn why you should consider an FP&A platform instead of an ERP.

In today’s economy, the ability to make fact-based decisions faster and with a higher degree of confidence can be the difference between success as a growing business or a company becoming part of a statistic. The tools that are at business’ disposal aren’t always equal in their ability to provide this confidence or the numbers to support these decisions. In other words, not all systems are created equal. Enterprise Resource Planning systems were created to provide corporations with a single system that could handle all of the reporting and analysis for the operations of a business from their billings to their book of record and everything in between. Unfortunately, ERP vendors have never been able to deliver on that promise.

Download this paper to learn:

  • The impact using an ERP for consolidations and reporting has on your business
  • How to solve the ERP problem
  • Key attributes of an integrated consolidation and reporting system
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