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How to Build Your First AI/ML Predict Report

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Discover the best tips on how to get the most from your Free Predict trial

We’ve already proven how AI has helped our customers reduce 1000’s of hours of manual work in mere seconds. So why not try it out with your own data?

Your free Predict trial is the key to see how Predict Signals works to detect potential anomalies, and prevent errors from happening in your reports.

Join our experts, Tim Farmer, Senior Solutions Consultant, and Justin Merritt, Head of Product Management, for 20 minutes of best practices that walk you through how to build optimized reports in Planful that reduce manual effort, and increase trust of your data.

You’ll learn:

  • How to build an optimal report to help you detect anomalies
  • The best reports using the flexibility of dimensions or signals generation
  • Other ways to take advantage of Predict Signals

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