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Webinar: Breaking Silos - Achieving Collaboration in Finance and Accounting Teams

Why creating a team sport culture is so important

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How do you ensure finance and accounting teams are aligned?

Collaboration between finance and accounting teams is critical for the success of any organization. These teams must work together to ensure that financial information is accurate, timely, and relevant.

However, achieving a collaborative culture can be challenging, and organizations need to invest in effective strategies and technology to promote synergy.

One way to promote collaboration is through cross-functional training, which helps finance and accounting teams understand each other’s roles and responsibilities. Shared KPIs and a common language also alin goals and encourage teamwork.

Watch this Accountancy Age webinar where Planful’s VP of Solutions Consulting Justin Merritt discusses:

  • How technology can help organizations on their finance planning journey
  • His insights from Planful customers on how they have built a collaborative culture between finance and accounting teams
  • Strategies for building a team sport culture that will help you achieve greater success in your organization

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