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Webinar: Accounting Automation - How to Future-Proof Your Business

What does automation really mean for accounting?

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How do you get the most value from your accounting tools?

Technology and automation have been transforming accounting for years. Embracing current technologies can put your business at a competitive advantage, whilst freeing up valuable resources and allowing your organization to scale efficiently.

But what does automation really mean for accounting?

The future of financial transformation is happening now. Finance teams should focus on moving away from traditional processes and manual tasks, instead focusing on value-add advisory work. This is where the right software is key.

Re-watch our webinar with Accounting Today where Planful’s VP of Solutions Consulting Justin Merritt discusses how to:

  • Harness the power of data and gain increased visibility into the analytics that matter
  • Successfully leverage accounting technology in the right parts of your business
  • Build a team sport culture that will help you achieve greater success

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