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Top-Down Continuous Forecasting & Capital Planning

Get access to our joint session on top-down continuous forecasting and capital planning.

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Register to watch this comprehensive joint session on top-down continuous forecasting and capital planning on-demand.

We sat down with Naveed Salman, Managing Director, Shayne Kaurin, Solutions Manager, and Sowmya Acharya, Solutions Consultant at Cogenics Consulting for a deep dive on capital asset planning and long-range continuous planning- critical activities that enable your strategies and make achieving business goals possible.

You can expect to learn more about:

  • Straight line depreciation
  • Net book value adjustments
  • Driver-based forecasting
  • …and so much more

Watch on-demand today for practical FP&A insights and best practices that your team can put into action when executing on top-down planning and beyond.

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