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How to Present Marketing Results to the CEO, CFO, and Board

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As a marketing leader, you prove your team’s value by communicating performance to your CEO, CFO, and board in a language they understand — the language of business. Unfortunately, many CMOs get caught up in reporting on metrics that do little to convey the business value of marketing, like activity and clicks.

Join our 45-minute live webinar and learn masterful tactics from Rowan Tonkin, Chief Marketing Officer at Planful. Rowan will share his best practices for presenting marketing results to executives and how to avoid common reporting errors.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The most critical metrics to present to your executive team to prove marketing’s value.
  • Calculations to understand your ROI, business value, and LTV.
  • The best practices to put together a winning board deck.

Stick around, and you’ll gain a template to create your own marketing performance report.

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