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The Modern CFO: How to Influence Company Culture For Better Business Performance

Corporate culture has evolved rapidly over the last several years to support a more digital agenda. As digital innovations continue to modernize the workplace, the expectation of the CFO has also transformed, as finance teams are expected to work faster, produce more, and provide more insight than ever before.

Today’s CFO has the opportunity to drive a team culture that supports productive, happy employees, while also developing process efficiencies, modern business practices, and increased company performance.

Watch the recording on-demand to learn:

  • Why partnering with the rest of the organization leads to success for all
  • Why team skillsets outside of finance are important
  • Why team culture is the foundation for a successful finance organization that helps drive better business performance
  • How to build the right culture for your needs

*This presentation may include references to Host Analytics, which is now known as Planful.*