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Operational Marketing Index Report

Survey Collection of the Operational Marketing Index

Event date4/2/23

In this report our focus is on benchmarking how your team operates, and whether it is implementing best practices that are most likely to yield successful outcomes. To do this, we created the Operational Marketing Index (OMI). The OMI is a survey that contains a distillation of key best practices of high performing marketing teams. If you carry out these best practices, you are more likely to achieve successful marketing outcomes than if you don’t.


  • 62% of respondents had an OMI score below 50 which means the fairly low score totals suggest that the state of operational marketing presents many opportunities for improvement.
  • 54% of respondents say the visibility of their marketing plan to the entire team is inadequate or non-existent. 65% say the same of their campaign plans and reviews.
  • 100% of companies report that they could improve their marketing operational excellence, and more than 90% report that they have substantial opportunities to improve.

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