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Marketing eBook

How To Present Marketing Results to Your CEO, CFO, and Board

Convert marketing effort into the language of business



When positioning marketing performance to an executive audience, it’s important to shift your mindset from that of a marketer to that of a functional business leader. It’s critical to communicate marketing performance in the common language of the business using familiar financial terms like Cost per Outcome (CPO), Return on Investment (ROI), Lifetime Value (LTV) and profit. But, making that shift can be a challenge for many marketers. 

In this ebook, you’ll learn how to report success metrics that align with company goals, communicate marketing performance in terms executives will understand, and provide ample context on the true business value of marketing. You’ll also explore:

  • Why marketing performance results are more important than tactical accomplishments
  • How to communicate marketing results in business terms, not vanity metrics
  • How to provide the right level of context to make marketing results easily understood

Download this ebook to frame your presentations in the language of business and clearly explain how marketing investments contribute to overall financial performance.

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