Analyst Reports

Why the Digital Era Demands Agile Planning

Constellation Research Vice President and Principal Analyst, Doug Henschen, walks us through why old-school budgeting and planning cannot keep up with disruptive times. The drawbacks of spreadsheet-based budgeting and planning are numerous including poor support for what-if scenarios, unreliable collaboration, manual reconciliation, and difficulty calculating and applying allocation across the organization.

According to the report, on-premise CPM systems like Oracle, SAP, and IBM have a reputation for being hard to implement, hard to use, and hard to change. Fortunately, cloud-based CPM has changed the game. Constellation suggests four evaluation criteria in choosing a cloud-based CPM:

  • Agile budgeting, planning, and forecasting
  • Flexible modeling
  • Rich analysis and reporting options
  • Compliant consolidation and statutory reporting

Download the Constellation Research report to learn why cloud-based CPM brings fast and flexible planning to innovative and disruptive businesses.

This report includes references to “Host Analytics” which is now known as Planful.