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Mint Jutras Evaluates Planful’s FP&A Platform For Continuous Planning

Cindy Jutras of analyst firm Mint Jutras asks finance leaders: How quickly can you regroup, recover, and course-correct amidst uncertainty?

Their research found that 90% of businesses realize they face some level of risk, but when it comes to addressing and planning for that risk, only 14% are able to react to change or incorporate new data into their plans instantly.

Download the report to discover:

  • How companies across consumer electronics, finance, and even major league baseball are leveraging Continuous Planning to proactively re-plan and re-forecast their business during the global pandemic, using Planful.
  • The rapid time-to-value you’ll receive with a guaranteed 30-day roll-out of Planful’s SaaS platform.
  • How essential the urgency for agility is – and the risk your business faces without it.
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