Exploring OneStream alternatives? Take a look at Planful!

Change happens fast. Don’t let the friction of cumbersome close and consolidation, planning, and forecasting processes slow you down.. Planful gives you full control of financial performance management with a single platform you can have up and running in weeks, and designed to scale with your business. Yes, one solution for end-to-end financial performance management, from close and consolidation to planning, budgeting, and everything else you need.

Exploring OneStream alternatives? Take a look at Planful!

Close and Consolidation. Reporting and Planning. Forecasting and Budgeting. Everything You Need on One Platform.

An End-to-end Solution Made Easy

Business complexity requires exceptional finance and accounting skills to handle sophisticated acquisitions, consolidations, intricate regional roll-ups, and more. It might lead you to believe only a complex, expensive, highly customizable system like OneStream can meet your needs.

Planful gives you everything you need to close quickly and reach peak financial performance for even the most complex businesses across subsidiaries, locations, and more. Plus, get the granularity to plan at the product, region and business unit level, with true alignment and visibility into your financial processes so you can prepare for the short and long term challenges the business faces.

More Value and Speed, Less Maintenance and Costs

Enterprise software vendors seem to thrive on complexity. Not yours, theirs. So software becomes overly engineered, expensive, and takes longer to deploy and maintain, resulting in a lower, slower ROI.

But, with Planful, you can be up and running in weeks, not months, and our platform can be fully finance-owned so there’s less reliance on IT, no matter how much your business scales.

  • Make changes on your own without an army of admins or a center of excellence
  • Reap the benefits of the system in less than 8 weeks, not months
  • Take advantage of pre-built functionality for low-barrier adoption

Scalability Without Compromise

Reach financial goals across the entire business with a solution designed to grow with you, that’s flexible for your unique business needs, and that’s easy to adopt for a seamless experience for finance, accounting, and business users.

  • Easily integrate multiple, disparate systems and data sources into one application with point and click
  • Empower the business to work where they’re comfortable, using Excel-based formulas or Planful’s drag-and-drop features
  • Maintain the confidence of trusted, role based security and controls with collaboration features that mitigate risk

Key Features

Global Financial Close and Consolidation

  • Pre-built consolidation
  • Top side journal entries
  • Inter-company eliminations
  • Non-controlling interest
  • Currency conversion; local, interim, and functional currencies
  • Multiple hierarchies (tax, IFRS and GAAP)
  • Multiple subsidiaries
  • Automatic data validations
  • Audit trails and audit logs
  • Workflow management
  • Financial Close in partnership with Adra by Trintech

Financial Reporting and Analysis

  • Dynamic Reports
  • Standard reporting templates
  • Transaction detail drill-down
  • User-defined attributes
  • Substitution variables
  • Automated role-based report distribution
  • Dynamic report collation
  • Email notifications
  • Easy drag-and-drop dashboard creation
  • Dynamic drill-through
  • Spotlight for Microsoft Office and GSheets
  • AI Anomaly Detection

Financial Planning

  • Pre-built planning templates
  • Automatic financial intelligence
  • Excel formula language and user experience
  • Unlimited forecast scenarios
  • Multi-currency support
  • Audit trail, and audit logs
  • Offline planning
  • Unlimited EPM data storage
  • Out of the box CapEx and Workforce Planning

Operational Planning

  • Extended driver-based modeling with unlimited models, scenarios, dimensions, data sets, and calculations
  • Automatic top-down or bottom-up modeling
  • Dynamic dimensions
  • Connected operational models and financial plans
  • Model Manager, view and understand models at a glance
  • Breakback for automated, top-down calculation and allocation
  • External data sources

Recognized as a Top Solution, Best Customer Experience, and More

The Planful Approach is Different, Discover Our Advantage

Move Faster, With Confidence

Compress cycle times so you can shift focus to investigating variances and trends rather than worrying about configuring workflows or code. Create ad-hoc reports, complete period-end accounting, and use automation tools to start planning, faster, and at any level of granularity.

Leverage a Broad Partner Ecosystem

Best of breed partnership with Workiva creates a seamless transition from Planful to SEC filings leveraging Wdata and Wdesk. Our trusted network of certified partners empowers accounting and finance professionals on a Planful journey, together.

Rapid ROI

Planful gets you up and running in less than 8 weeks and can be completely managed and maintained by finance. No need for heavy admin support, expensive consultants, or overly engineered configurations.

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