Anaplan draining your resources? Take a look at Planful!

Planful provides advanced planning capabilities with the option of using pre-built templates. Changes are finance-owned, with zero reliance on IT, and there is no need for a center of excellence.

Anaplan draining your resources? Take a look at Planful!

What Our Customers Say

Comprehensive, scalable financial performance management, without the costs and complexity.

Advanced Planning Without the Complex Maintenance

Every business becomes more complex as it grows and expands, which requires advanced modeling and operational planning. But, that doesn’t mean you need expensive, convoluted, IT-heavy solutions. 

  • Use pre-built templates to get started quickly- from planning, budgeting, and forecasting to advanced modeling capabilities.
  • As you grow, you can easily make GL changes without IT, incorporate acquisitions, manage subsidiaries and foreign currencies  and do it all with more accuracy and speed. 
  • Experience unlimited models, scenarios, dimensions, data sets, calculations, dynamic dimensions, connected operational models, and effortless model management.

Full Cycle Financial Capabilities Made Easy

In today’s dynamic business landscape, accounting and finance must work hand in hand to drive success. With Planful, you can foster seamless collaboration between accounting and FP&A, enabling faster close processes and empowering agile planning.

Compress cycle times so you can shift focus to investigating variances and trends rather than worrying about configuring workflows or code.

  • Complete period-end accounting including account reconciliations
  • Use automation tools to start planning, faster, and at any level of granularity.
  • Benefit from native close and consolidation, no build required

Powerful Financial Reporting Built In

Reach financial goals across the entire business, with a solution designed to grow with you, that’s flexible for your unique business needs and easy to adopt for a seamless end-user experience.

  • Easily integrate multiple, disparate systems and data sources into one application with point and click
  • Maintain the confidence of trusted, role based security and controls with collaboration features that mitigate risk while capturing audit trails
  • Empower your business colleagues to work where they’re comfortable, using Excel-based language or Planful’s intuitive, drag-and-drop templates and dashboards

Key Features

Operational Planning

  • Extended driver-based modeling with unlimited models, scenarios, dimensions, data sets, and calculations
  • Automatic top-down or bottom-up modeling
  • Dynamic dimensions
  • Connected operational models and financial plans
  • Model Manager, view and understand models at a glance
  • Breakback for automated, top-down calculation and allocation
  • External data sources

Financial Planning

  • Pre-built planning templates
  • Automatic financial intelligence
  • Excel formula language and user experience
  • Unlimited forecast scenarios
  • Multi-currency support
  • Audit trail, and audit logs
  • Offline planning
  • Unlimited EPM data storage
  • Out of the box CapEx and Workforce Planning

Financial Reporting and Analysis

  • Dynamic Reports
  • Standard reporting templates
  • Transaction detail drill-down
  • User-defined attributes
  • Substitution variables
  • Automated role-based report distribution
  • Dynamic report collation
  • Email notifications
  • Easy drag-and-drop dashboard creation
  • Dynamic drill-through
  • Spotlight for Microsoft Office and GSheets
  • AI Anomaly Detection

Global Financial Close and Consolidation

  • Pre-built consolidation
  • Top side journal entries
  • Intercompany eliminations
  • Non-controlling interest
  • Currency conversion; local, interim, and functional currencies
  • Multiple hierarchies (tax, IFRS and GAAP)
  • Multiple subsidiaries
  • Automatic data validations
  • Audit trails and audit logs
  • Workflow management
  • Financial Close in partnership with Adra by Trintech

Recognized as a Top Solution, Best Customer Experience, and More

The Planful Approach is Faster, Easier, and Just Plain Better

Go Beyond your ERP

Planful can integrate with multiple ERP systems across facilities, subsidiaries, and regions to bring all actuals into a single source of truth.

Trust and Security Without Compromising Speed

Planful modernizes how you work to plan, budget, and forecast more accurately, respond with agility, and act with confidence, without compromising speed or performance. Grow with Planful as you scale.

Exceptional Implementation Partners with Deep Expertise

Planful gets you up and running in less than 8 weeks with implementation partners that are suited to your specific use case. Find the best in class experts to help create a strong foundation when implementing Planful

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Don’t settle on software. Upgrade to Planful.

Learn how Planful’s approach for a modern close management and elevated planning experience make it the obvious choice to drive peak financial performance.

Choose Planful if:

You don’t have dedicated IT team to configure and manage

You don’t have time to start from scratch or pay

You don’t have 1+year to get up and running

You don’t want to pay hefty consulting fees to Big 4 consultancies to get up and running

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