Event dateAugust 16, 2022Event time6:40 pm PST

Angels Game with Planful & KeenVision

Join Planful and KeenVision for an incredible game-day experience at Angels Stadium!

Event dateAugust 9, 2022Event time7:10 pm CT

Astros Game with Planful & KeenVision

Join Planful & KeenVision in a suite to watch the Houston Astros play the Texas Rangers on August 9th at 7:10pm CT.

Event dateJuly 7, 2022Event time5:00 pm BST

Hedonism Wine Tasting with Planful

Join Planful on July 7th at 5:00 pm BST for a wine tasting experience with an expert from Hedonism Wines. This wine tasting will feature an “Anything but French” selection showcasing the best alternatives to your favorite french wines from other wine producing countries.

Event dateJuly 19th, 2022Event time9 am PST | 12 pm EST

Webinar: How to Spark Creative Collaboration in the Office of Finance

This July, we’re sitting down with Dresner Advisory Services to dig into how artificial intelligence and machine learning come to life when driving sophistication in the office of finance.

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