Planful Adds New Global Firms to Fast-Growing Partner Ecosystem

Planful Adds New Global Firms to Fast-Growing Partner Ecosystem

As Planful’s Vice President, Global Partnerships, I guide our partner team as they scour the globe in search of top-tier organizations with finance and accounting expertise, deep technology and domain experience, and a proven track record of achieving long-term success for their clients. Our team already supports over 50 Planful partners. Still, we’re never done searching for more firms in more regions to help the Office of the CFO innovate faster, plan more effectively, and act with confidence.

In just the first three months of 2022, we welcomed eight partners into the Planful partner network. Each firm brings its unique industry expertise and regional success to the program and will help increase Planful’s exposure in exciting new markets, including new and expanded coverage across South America, Asia Pacific, and Africa.

New Partners for Planful’s Growing Global Presence

Planful is seeing extreme interest in our modern technology for the Office of the CFO. We nearly doubled new customer acquisitions in 2021, and in the same time, we tripled the size of our partner channel to help serve this growing customer base. Part of that growth comes from our continued global expansion, which saw 110% growth in international customer additions in 2021, and office openings in London, Sydney, and Toronto. Our amazing partner team has been working nonstop to support our growth in every continent except Antarctica (give us time!). Here’s a quick overview of the latest additions to Planful’s partner network:

  • Decision Inc. Decision Inc. helps companies become more data-driven by transforming current operations and developing new business platforms to support scale and innovation. The firm has a presence around the world, which delivers global expertise on strategy, managed services, business support, and BPO. Decision Inc. has offices in London, U.K., Sydney, Australia; and Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Embark Embark has a rapidly expanding footprint, serving national and international clients with offices spanning across the US. Since 2010. By only hiring ex-Big 4 CPAs, industry experts, and proven finance, accounting, & technology consultants, the firm has the experience to address any challenge in these areas, making life easier for CFOs and their teams.
  • Finaptive Finaptive forges long-term partnerships with clients to create sustainable improvements in existing finance processes. Its expertise includes budget planning, forecasting, close management, demand and revenue planning, and more, with pinpoint offerings tailored to the financial, education, healthcare, and technology industries. Toronto, Canada, serves as Finaptive’s home base.
  • Forpoint Solutions Forpoint Solutions, with offices in Sydney and Melbourne and customers throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Asia Pacific, specializes in digital automation for the Office of the CFO. It has a particular focus on best-in-class cloud solutions that optimize financial processes and corporate performance, improve business processes, and strengthen finance controls and audit, all while greatly eliminating many manual tasks.
  • Henley Henley is focused 100% on Business Intelligence, helping clients integrate data from SAP, Oracle, and other operational systems. The firm manages the entire design, implementation, and training process to deploy some of the most advanced solutions across reporting, budgeting and forecasting, and related functions. Henley has headquarters in Santiago, Chile.
  • Marcum Technology Marcum Technology, part of the Marcum Group, which includes Marcum LLP, a top 15 national accounting and advisory services firm with 37 offices catering to entrepreneurial, middle-market companies. Marcum Technology helps clients effectively converge business and technology. Through the delivery of strategic consulting, enterprise solutions, cybersecurity, infrastructure, and automation, we are accelerating our clients’ digital transformation and delivering to their customers a more personalized and seamless experience. With the unique ability to leverage our intimate relationship within Marcum LLP, we have access to a deep bench of financial, business, operational, and industry specialists. When weaved together with our team, that compounds our ability to deliver successful outcomes and become indispensable partners.
  • Triscal Triscal helps its clients by delivering simpler, better, and safer IT solutions that make people’s lives easier. It differentiates on culture and team, which allows it to develop stronger, higher quality client relationships as it helps deliver big data, analytics, CRM, governance, and other technology-driven solutions. The firm has offices in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil.
  • Verostone Verostone (previously Axiom), based in Surrey, U.K., equips clients to be financially agile so they can respond quickly to changing market conditions and pivot with confidence. The firm combines best-in-class financial performance management technologies with a depth of financial and industry expertise, working across various sectors. Axiom is built upon 30 years of expertise in planning, forecasting, profitability analytics, and cost management, and its services cover strategy and design, solution-specific deployment, and training and ongoing support.

Planful Partner Program Benefits

We have a diverse network of certified partners to help guide, inform, and accelerate our customers’ unique journeys. We only choose the best because our name is on the line. These partners are an extension of our team, and we hold them to the same standards we hold ourselves accountable to.

Planful partners must also have competencies in administering Planful deployments, hold Planful implementation certifications and bring deep functional and industry expertise to our customers. They also need to have proven finance, accounting, and industry expertise. At our top tier, Planful’s “Elite Partners” must further meet our most advanced certification requirements and have proven capabilities managing complex planning projects and delivering value to customers.

But there’s a lot to gain for our partners, too, including exposure to new opportunities, a wide array of benefits, and the ability to grow within our partner program. New partners can be onboarded in just 90 days, and then gain access to training, sales, and marketing support, and receive assistance from everyone at Planful.

Additional Planful partner program benefits increase by tier and can be explored here.

Become a Planful Partner Today

If you’re a Planful customer, no matter where in the world you’re based, you can rest assured that our partners have all been vetted, educated, and certified with rigor by our partner team. As I mentioned, our partners are an extension of Planful, so you can expect the same level of attention and expertise as you expect from us.

If you’re interested in becoming a Planful partner (and why wouldn’t you be?), check out our extensive list of partner benefits here. Or, just cut to the chase and apply to be a Planful partner today. The bar is set high, but you’ll be in good company!

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