Our Latest Innovation Makes Financial Reporting in Microsoft Office REAL Easy

Finance is stressed. It’s challenging to be always working under tight deadlines and monthly reporting crunches while trying to cobble together accurate financial data from across enterprise systems.

What’s more, it’s never enough to submit the ERP-generated report. Executives want to review financials in PowerPoint, read the details in a nicely formatted Word doc, and run their own what-ifs in Excel.

It’s enough to make your already frantic job in finance a tedious and manual copy-and-paste career. And, there’s the constant fear that a simple mistake could have career-limiting consequences.

Well, there’s good news.

Yesterday, we announced one of the biggest advancements yet to Planful Spotlight for Office. Now finance teams can quickly build dynamically refreshed management and financial reports directly within Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Yes, you read that correctly.

With the click of a mouse, data can be instantly refreshed directly within Microsoft Office applications. No jumping between systems. No manual data entry. No complex configurations or integrations. With Spotlight for Office, data is always accurate and up to date, and eliminates the confusing copy-and-paste dance every time new information arrives or old data is updated.

Best of all, it’s available today!

Faster, Easier Reporting Inside Microsoft Office

You’re already moving financial data into Microsoft Office to create slides and reports, but that causes conflicts and adds stress. You’re never really sure all of the data in a slide or spreadsheet is up to date, even though you have that “one version of the truth” in your enterprise systems.  Why not just plug those systems into Office?

With Spotlight for Office, presentations, spreadsheets, and documents can be built once with live links to the real data. Those live links can be used as often as needed and across files, saving tons of time and eliminating those cut-and-paste errors. Once a report is created in Excel, PowerPoint, or Word it can be accessed anywhere while delivering sensitive data securely and accurately.

Life is good and getting better!

Learn how to make your life easier with Spotlight for Office.

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