Fall19 Makes Continuous Planning Simple, Fast, and Beautiful

Fall19 Makes Continuous Planning Simple, Fast, and Beautiful

The best software doesn’t feel like software. It helps you get your job done without getting in the way, it lets you work more quickly while generating better results, and it’s easy to use with a functional, logical, and intuitive structure.

Our engineers, designers, and product teams constantly strive to create solutions that help finance professionals, and the entire business, be more successful in their jobs. We want our customers to have an experience that’s dramatically better than what they faced before they became customers. Our product teams are always considering not just the feature or function, but how people will actually use it, how long it will take them to accomplish a goal, and how much they’ll actually enjoy the whole experience. In other words, we strive to make everything about our solution simple, fast, and beautiful.

This mantra—simple, fast, and beautiful—is how we continue to give our customers a better experience. A key part of that experience is the benefit Planful provides to Finance as they become faster and more agile in their planning and decision cycles, elevate the financial IQ of the company, and evolve into the strategic core of their organizations. But there’s more to it than just the interaction with the product. These concepts touch every part of your customer experience, from speeding up sales cycles, to developing easy and intuitive pricing, to simplifying customer support, to giving customers more reasons to remain customers for life.

Our latest product release, Fall19, hits all of these points, and more. All of the many advancements in Fall19 were designed and developed to advance our simple, fast, beautiful theme. Customers will experience this throughout the platform.

Here are just a few examples of how Fall19 improvements will improve how your work gets done:

  • Build dynamic plans and with more formatting control even with your most complex data sets, so you can react to changes as they happen and navigate a confident path forward 
  • Easily create and adjust permissions across entire teams or organizations with just one action, so you can quickly get your key business users engaged in the process. 
  • Focus on the right data with faster, easier, and more customized reports in Spotlight for Office, so you have accurate and insightful data at your fingertips in the perfect format.
  • Work faster with a more intuitive navigation ribbon in Spotlight for Excel, so you can get your work done faster.
  • Simplify processes with more flexibility and control over workflow updates, so it’s easier to keep the entire team focused and aligned on key tasks and deadlines.
  • Ease audits with faster generation of detailed security and permission reports, so your auditors can quickly validate your internal controls are compliant.

We’re all being pushed to work faster while being more strategic and effective. The pace of economic change is accelerating, market disruptions are increasing, and customers are demanding more. Our solutions give Finance a Continuous Planning platform that enables faster and more iterative planning, execution, close, and analysis cycles. We know that companies do better when they plan continuously, when their teams have a higher financial IQ, and when finance asserts an active role in organizational strategy. That changes how you work, lets you focus on strategic initiatives that are more enjoyable and impactful, and even improves your day-to-day life by eliminating the tedium and frustration of manual work. It also puts your company in a position to grow, innovate, and win markets. And that’s good for everyone – customers, employees, shareholders, and economies.

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