Announcing Planful Certifications: Elevate Your Planful Skills Without Leaving Home

When you’re forced into a new situation, it sometimes turns out to be an opportunity for discovery and evolution. The COVID-19 pandemic created just such an unavoidable situation for, well, pretty much everyone and everything. These last few months gave us a moment to reimagine how Planful Academy can become something bigger and better for our loyal customers and devoted users. 

We’ve heard from so many of you during our face-to-face Planful Bootcamps how valuable those sessions have been for both your day-to-day work and your career trajectory. You’ve explained that improving your Planful expertise has made you more critical to your team, and passing on what you’ve learned has helped elevate the financial IQ of your entire organization. We’ve also seen how those who thirst for knowledge and actively seek out new skills quickly move up to higher levels of responsibility.

It’s all been incredibly inspiring to us, so now we’re bringing these same learning and career growth opportunities to everyone, everywhere!

Today, we’re launching Planful Academy certifications to deliver our Bootcamp program completely online. You’ll still learn the same skills, but now you can do so from the comfort of your home office.. That’s right, no matter where you’re working from, how busy you are, or the last time you had a haircut, the Planful Academy offers an online combination of self-paced and virtual, instructor-led courses, plus quizzes and a final certification exam. You’ll be officially certified as a Planful user upon course completion. 

But it’s not just the certification that makes it worthwhile. Planful Academy offers a fun challenge that earns you new skills and gives you bragging rights. That’s right, FP&A bragging rights! As you advance through the courses and earn certifications, you’ll earn the envy and admiration of your colleagues, and doors will open to peer recognition and new opportunities. You’ll also gain access to an exclusive badge to proudly display on your resume and LinkedIn page. 

The certification programs for Structured Planning and Reporting are available in Planful Academy starting today. Over the next few weeks, you’ll soon see programs for Consolidation and Dynamic Planning, and even an updated look to Planful Academy itself. 

We’re also making these programs more affordable. In addition to the money you’ll save by not traveling, and the flexibility of self-paced learning, we’ve reduced the price of a certification to just $595. 

You’ve inspired us by your stories and the importance you personally place on being Planful certified. It validates your skills, gives a boost to your career, and puts you alongside an elite group of FP&A professionals. Now, Planful Academy not only helps more people get started on that same path, but also lets certified Planful users digitally toot their own horn. These courses are rigorous and the final exams are tough. Those who become certified have achieved a significant milestone worthy of celebration. 

Are you ready to become Planful certified? Learn more at Planful Academy. And while you’re there, sign up for your first certification program today because space is limited in each session. 

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