8 Tips for Increasing Finance-Accounting Collaboration

Carlyn Angus
Demand Generation Manager, International Markets

8 Tips for Increasing Finance-Accounting Collaboration

Oil and water, pineapple and pizza, Mulder and Scully — there are plenty of team-ups that just don’t work well together. Fortunately, Finance and Accounting do! Or, at least, they should.

Financial performance management is a team sport, and that begins in the Office of the CFO. The finance and accounting teams should then be role models for this team-based approach. Of course, there is sometimes a bit of misalignment.

Planful customer Homiyar Wykes, Group Financial Controller at ED&F Man, a global expert in coffee, molasses, and sugar, recently offered a bevy of tips to encourage and nurture collaboration between finance and accounting teams.

Read the new ebook, 8 Tips To Increase Collaboration Between Finance and Accounting Teams, to get the details.

Homiyar’s tips, such as creating shared goals and KPIs, embracing technology, and investing in training, can build bonds between teams that increase effectiveness and filter out into the broader business, making financial performance management truly a team sport.

The ebook also explains how cross-functional collaboration reinforces teamwork and builds empathy across teams. Empathy and other soft skills can be further nurtured through team-building exercises and collaborative learning experiences.

But, data is clearly the bread and butter (pineapple and pizza?) of the finance and accounting functions and is fundamental to building team collaboration. The ebook uncovers how automation helps remove mundane data analysis and calculation from these teams’ workloads and unlocks more time for even more collaboration.

Read the ebook today to get more tips, customer examples, and insightful observations. In no time at all, Finance and Accounting will be working together like Ant-Man and the Wasp, pepperoni and mushrooms, oil, and…well, you get the picture.

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