6 Marketing Operations Best Practices to Use

Marketing operations are a crucial part of your company. They can make or break your sales, marketing campaigns, and overall financial success. With the delicate process of keeping the company running, it’s imperative to have a strong knowledge base about marketing operations.

Marketers need to make the right decisions to increase efficiency and be resourceful with their time and their budget. In this article, we provide six marketing operations best practices for sustained success.

Planful’s Marketing Operations Best Practices

  1. Streamline Processes
  2. Design campaigns with measurable goals
  3. Create a smart and effective budget
  4. Automate your marketing
  5. Effectively manage data cleanliness
  6. Train marketers to design measurable campaigns

1. Streamline Processes

Marketing operations can be overwhelming with the different tasks that need to be done. It’s crucial to establish a streamlined process to ensure everything is in place. Marketing operations staff should know what task needs to be performed at a given time and how the processes should flow. A marketing operations best practices plan should be in place and followed so all employees can know exactly what needs to be done.

2. Design Campaigns with Measurable Goals

Having measurable goals allows you to evaluate the success of your current campaigns and ensures others in the company know how their efforts benefit the company. Marketing operations staff should have a continuous goal by which they can measure their campaign success. Measurable goals ensure everyone works on the right things and has the right resources. Once your team achieves a certain level of maturity, a performance-oriented process should be implemented.

3. Create a Smart and Effective Budget

Creating an innovative and adequate budget for marketing operations is crucial in ensuring you are doing all the right work. Marketing operations staff should know the resources needed for the entire year. They should be able to determine how much money will be spent on each area and the categories that require additional attention.

Marketing operations best practices suggest creating a baseline budget and comparing it with the results of their budget at the end of every year. This will include revenue, costs, and profit margins to determine if all your marketing operations’ best practices are working effectively.

4. Automate Your Marketing

There are several choices of tools, platforms, and software that marketers can leverage, spanning many disciplines and channels. Marketing automation tools aid marketers with the information needed to make data-driven decisions while saving them time that would otherwise be monotonous tasks that are inefficient. Choose the automation platforms that provide you and your marketing team with the data and insights you need to be successful.

5. Effectively Manage Data Cleanliness

Effective data cleaning for marketing operations is an important best practice to implement, as it ensures you are not purchasing unnecessary marketing services. You should be able to easily find the current status of your data by using online tools and processes. This will allow you to easily access your data through different devices and effectively make decisions with the most current information.

6. Train Marketers to Design Measurable Campaigns

Training your marketing team on creating measurable campaigns will help you determine the effectiveness of all your campaigns. Providing your team with the right tools and resources to measure their success will help them become more productive in the future. This will give your marketing operations more accurate data as they can relate things that help increase their sales.

Implementing These Marketing Operations Best Practices

Operational marketing influences company performance. By implementing these best practices, your marketing team will be put in a better position of success, and you will take steps toward improving your organization’s bottom line.

Planful’s marketing operations software is designed to help marketing operations professionals create and manage plans, budgets, and ROI.


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