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Adam Leash

Tips & Tricks to Use Planful for Financial Performance Management

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Perform24 session spotlight: chosen foods

Planful Team

Chosen Foods Modernized Its Financial Performance Management Processes with Planful

Planful Perform

Planful Team

How to Simplify Consolidated Financial Statements

An attendee at Planful's Perform.

Planful Team

5 Reasons Perform24 is the Biggest Financial Performance Management Event of 2024

Planful Perform
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Emily Gagliostro, Director of Recruiting at Planful

Intentional Excellence: Crafting an Exceptional Candidate and New Hire Experience

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Planful Team

How Planful Delivers AI-Enhanced Finance

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Planful Team

HR and Finance: How Collaborative Workforce Planning Drives Enhanced Business Performance

Financial PlanningHR
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Planful Team

Improving FP&A Collaboration: Tips and Insights Backed by Planful’s Research

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Five awards citing Planful as a leader in FP&A technology, awarded by G2. The badges sit on top of a pink background.

Planful Team

Planful Earns Top Spots Across G2’s Winter Crowd Reports 2024

CompanyMarket InsightPlanful Platform

Planful Team

Go Beyond Your Financial Performance Expectations at Perform24

Industry conference for finance, accounting, marketing, human resources, and other professionals...

Planful Perform
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Planful Team

Avoid Surprises in 2024 With These Predictions for Finance

Learn the top predictions for finance in 2024 from members of Planful’s executive leadershi...

Finance TransformationPlanful Leadership Insights

Planful Team

How to Calculate Your Marketing Funnel Metrics & Budget

A marketing funnel is a structure for calculating the required marketing metrics (leads, MQLs, SQ...

BudgetingMarketing Performance ManagementPlanful for Marketing

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