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Where Strategy Meets Operations: How to Master Financial Modeling and Business Partnering

Event dateJuly 26th, 2024Event time9am PST | 12pm EST | 5pm BST

Learn how to redefine your approach to financial planning and business operations

Discover an innovative approach to operational planning that’s both demand-driven and project-driven, and designed to foster stronger collaboration with business partners across your team.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from experts on how to blend strategic planning with operational execution for a successful, adaptable plan. Discover how financial modeling can break past budgeting limits and give detailed, actionable insights.

Join Carl Seidman, FP&A Advisor and owner at Seidman Financial, and Tim Farmer, Sr. Manager of Solutions Consulting at Planful. Together, they’ll showcase Planful’s Dynamic Planning solution—designed to adapt to business fluctuations and highlight the importance of internal partnerships to drive effective operational planning.

What you’ll learn:

  • Strategic alignment: Align budgeting with strategic business goals to ensure every financial decision supports broader objectives.
  • Responsive budgeting: Tips to make your budgeting process adaptable to changes in product and service mix, volumes, and labor capacity using Planful’s Dynamic Planning capabilities.
  • Operational agility: Utilize forecasted volumes and process drivers to calculate day-to-day operational budget expenses, keeping financial plans aligned with actual business performance.
  • Cross-functional collaboration: Foster a team sport culture to enhance planning accuracy and organizational agility.
  • Success stories: Learn from the experiences at Georgian Bay, National DCP, and Specialized Dental on how Dynamic Planning has transformed their operations and strategic outcomes.

Save your seat to redefine your approach to financial planning and business operations.

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