How to Spark Creative Collaboration in the Office of Finance

How do artificial intelligence and machine learning come to life when driving sophistication in the office of finance?

Event dateJuly 19th, 2022Event time9 am PST | 12 pm EST

This July, we’re sitting down with Dresner Advisory Services to dig into how teams are using AI/ML in their EPM instances today, and where these tools (and more) can be leveraged for better collaboration across the entire company.

Join Chris von Simson, VP and Research Director at Dresner Advisory Services, Brian Wood, Research Director with Dresner Advisory Services, and Justin Merritt, Senior Director, Solutions Consulting at Planful to learn:

  • Where finance teams are missing opportunities to use AI/ML to their advantage
  • When to use The Hyper Decisive Maturity Model (HDMM) for optimal decision-making
  • How to leverage AI/ML in EPM for Rolling Forecasts
  • Tips and tricks to making finance a team sport
  • And so much more!

Plus, stick around for a quick demo of our newest features, Planful Templates and Projections.


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