Planful Predict

Empowering you with confidence and strategic insight so you can drive greater impact across the business.

Machine Learning Designed for Finance

As an FP&A professional, you are responsible for the accuracy of massive amounts of data, with limited time to review and catch errors, and the constant pressure to always have the explanation behind every number. One wrong number can create a cascading effect of hundreds more, and it only takes one oversight to have your credibility called into question. It’s unsustainable.

That’s why we built a better way.
Boost Your Confidence
Enhance Your Skills
Elevate Your Impact

Planful Predict is a family of machine learning solutions that create intelligent financial projections, automatically detect and surface key signals, and empower you with the confidence and strategic insights you need to drive greater impact across your business.

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Intelligent Machine-Generated Projections

Creates financial forecasts based on learned patterns and behavior in your business data.

Automatic signal and anomaly detection

Detects and surfaces data values that fall outside expected trends.

Intuitive and Interactive Navigation

Provides responsive tools so you can take immediate corrective action on the anomalies in your plans.

What our Customers are Saying

“I haven’t seen anything like this on the market. This product is wrapped up in a package. No need to build your own algorithm or use another power ML/AI platform to build your planning process.”

“It’s a lot more thorough than a human performing a manual process. Things are just going to slip when you’re dealing with data from multiple years and departments. Having them flagged really improves the accuracy.”

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