Why Would Satisfied Oracle Hyperion Customers Leave?

I recently led a panel discussion with three ex Hyperion customers. I always love talking to our customers. It energizes me because I learn something new every time. Plus they help us get better, and they’re generally excited about the product – what’s not to love about that?

The panelists had a great mix of experience.  It included Laura Juarez, Corporate Controller at Cole Parmer, Tim McKeil, Director of Financial Systems at EarthLink, and Paul Peterson, CFO at Philadelphia Mixing Solutions.

All of them had migrated from Oracle Hyperion for enterprise performance management (EPM) to Planful. Between them, they used the full range of Oracle Hyperion’s EPM software offerings: Planning, Financial Management (HMF), and Enterprise.

While the panelists had different reasons that sent them in search of alternatives, they had something in common once they started searching: they all ran very good – and thorough – evaluation processes.

  • They were very clear on their requirements.
  • They involved IT and/or the auditors.
  • They included a range of solutions.

(Lucky for us, they included cloud vendors.)

But one thing they said early in our discussion struck me because it was hard to believe. They were all happy with Oracle Hyperion and were predisposed to stay, which of course led me to ask one question – why?  Why would a happy customer switch software vendors?

Their answer was interesting, but made perfect sense.

During their evaluation, they discovered that the functionality of the cloud solutions they evaluated was more robust than they thought.   And Planful could specifically meet the key EPM requirements they had defined. Once they verified this, the cloud benefits became more important and appealing, adding value in ways Oracle could not. In the end, moving to the cloud became a no-brainer.

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