Welcome to the Evolution of Planful

If you’ve visited our website today, you’ve probably noticed that things look different. We’ve incorporated  new colors, a new “feel”, and, obviously, a new logo. The changes you see (and don’t see) aren’t just a fresh coat of paint; it’s the beginning of the next chapter of Planful!

Here at Planful, we’ve seen a significant transformation in 2019 alone. We started off the year with the acquisition by Vector Capital. Over the past two quarters, we’ve continued our strong growth in customers and revenue. Our products have won many awards, including the prestigious CODiE award. We’ve also launched tons of new product features and capabilities, and expanded into global markets. In May, we held our largest user conference event ever,  Perform. In early July, we named a new CEO, Grant Halloran. That’s a lot in a short 6 months!  And we’re just getting started.

We’re a different company today than we were just a few years ago. These changes represent the evolution of our company and the culture.  This means how we work, interact with customers, and express our brand. But simply changing our logo doesn’t capture the essence of the changes that  are happening here at Planful. Check out this video to get a feel for what we mean.

At the core of our brand is our passion for finance. We’re champions of finance and the important work they do, which is why we’re 100% dedicated to developing solutions to help finance teams evolve from more than just “the numbers ”. Finance empowers everyone in an organization to do more, with efficiency, and based on current, accurate data and insights. Finance drives a business forward, and using Planful solutions lets them break down barriers with speed, efficiency, and authority.

The new look of Planful also supports our mission statement. Giving finance the tools they need to lead the evolution of business. Part of our mission means lifting finance teams up above the frustration of spreadsheets into a world where they’re seen as the strategic core in their business. Our new logo (notice the stylized pie chart?) might be the first thing you see, but as you interact with us, you’ll also see our reinvigorated approach and hear our straightforward language.

This new look, our louder voice, and our energized culture aren’t the only changes you’ll notice over the next few months. As our company brand story continues to evolve, finance will continue to evolve alongside of us.

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