Spring20 Expands Continuous Planning to the Edges of Your Business

We have always been driven—obsessed is a better word—by what our customers want and need. The demands on FP&A, and their experience in using and working with our products, pushes us to create a solution that’s simple, fast, and beautiful. Their requests for new capabilities quickly bubble to the top of our product roadmap so they get the tools they need to drive the most value. Our innovative product teams also strive to think ahead of our customers so we deliver capabilities before they even know they need them. And, we always encourage customers to maximize the use of our solutions to wring out every ounce of value in their Planful investment. 

Which brings us to our latest Spring 20 product release, available to Planful customers on May 22. 

Spring20 has been designed to further help you achieve the vision of Continuous Planning. Every organization, especially now, can benefit from the smarter decision-making, elevated financial IQ, and faster and more efficient FP&A that Continuous Planning delivers. But Continuous Planning also delivers incredible value outside of the finance team, out to the edges of the business. In that spirit, Spring20 expands dynamic collaboration across the business, brings advanced workforce planning capabilities, and adds more automated, real-time data to everything you do.

So let’s unpack Spring20!

The Dawn of Dynamic Collaboration

The data behind a financial decision only tells part of the story. There are assumptions, contextual factors, organizational nuances, recommendations, and many more ingredients that go into any decision. This context is essential to not just understanding past decisions, but in informing leaders as they make follow-on decisions. When that context is there, the resulting decisions can be made faster and with more confidence.

Spring20 adds this context into the decision-making process by adding commentary, threaded conversations within and across teams, assignments, tasks, and more into the data. It allows FP&A and the business to include recommendations, explain extenuating circumstances, and detail the context behind decisions across the Planful platform.

This Dynamic Collaboration allows everyone across the business to work together, in real-time, as data is evaluated and analyzed, as more information becomes available, and as decisions are ultimately made. It captures, records, and makes available the key assumptions behind the decisions so everyone can understand the story behind the numbers. 

A new Comments Manager feature allows users to summarize all comments in a single view to follow the story behind a decision, and determine the degree of accuracy of the decisions that were made.

But this is just the beginning of Dynamic Collaboration in Planful, and 2020 will bring more capabilities to manage the context behind the decisions. And this extension of collaboration from FP&A out to the edges of the business, is an area of innovation where Planful is and will continue to be a leader, so stay tuned.

An Enhanced Workforce Planning Experience

For most companies, their workforce is their most valuable asset. It’s typically the largest expense, but it can also be a key differentiator that you’ve worked long and hard to cultivate. So it’s no surprise that Workforce Planning is not just a top use-case of our customers, but also an area of frequent requests and suggestions.

Spring20 brings a preview of new capabilities, beginning with a new, enhanced user experience for more flexibility, a smoother flow, and a more streamlined experience. It’s more beautiful, for sure, but it also improves how you interact with the platform. Employee rosters are easier to work with, edits and selections are easier and more intuitive, and custom formulas can be easily added for your unique requirements.

This all combines to give Workforce Planning a more beautiful and intuitive experience that offers more visibility into the drivers of what’s likely your company’s largest expense.

Spring20 Brings Something For Everyone

Expanding the value of Planful deeper into FP&A but also more broadly out into the business is what Spring20 is all about. It pushes platform-wide connection and collaboration further out into the edges of the business, and adds unprecedented visibility into the story behind the numbers to improve everyone’s financial IQ for better decisions everywhere.

t’s obviously a challenging time for every organization. But, now more than ever, the value of Continuous Planning is proving to be invaluable in helping organizations regroup and recover from the economic and disruptive impacts of the COVID-19 crisis. Any efforts to gain more insight into every corner of your organization, and quickly reforecast as things change can have an enormous impact on your recovery. Continuous Planning gives you the agility to do all of this and more, even as uncertainty remains the overriding factor.

For current customers, there’s nothing more to do. Spring20 will be automatically available on May 22.

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