Solve Your Most Urgent FP&A Needs in Under 30 Days with Planful Now

Getting your business back on track will require a team effort. With uncertainty as the only constant, every corner of your business is looking to FP&A for guidance, revised forecasts, and a spectrum of what-if models to help determine what to do next. There’s a lot to do, and it needs to be done now. For those folks out there who just had to live through this crisis using spreadsheets and spotty VPN connections, now is a really good time to learn about a better way, so you can be ready for the next big market surprise.

We want to help with a new offering, Planful Now, which puts Planful to work for your business in under 30 days.

Now’s not the time to be bogged down in a quarters-long effort or a resource-intensive software project. You don’t have that kind of time to waste. You need to recognize immediate value from any investment, use it to tackle your most urgent business challenges and which have the highest impact, and get the results into the hands of the business and decision-makers immediately. 

Planful Now delivers on all of those points, and more. 

Planful Now is a high impact, fast time-to-value offering that solves your most critical FP&A needs in under 30 days. It shortens FP&A cycle times, opens collaboration channels across the business, and enables the agility you need to respond to unpredictable market shocks. And, to deliver your business the most value in the shortest amount of time, Planful Now gives you the flexibility to choose the path that is right for you.

Planful Now allows you to choose from a set of six use cases, each of which can be live in 30 days. This includes cash flow forecasting, annual operating planning, workforce planning, monthly close & consolidation, financial reporting, and multi-dimensional ad-hoc analysis.

As your recovery takes hold, or if you prefer to add more capabilities from the start, Planful Now offers even more use cases for you to choose from, each of which can be live within 60 days. This includes things like long-range planning, monthly rolling forecasts, driver-based revenue planning, SaaS bookings waterfall, project planning, and customer profitability planning.

Then, with a strong Continuous Planning foundation in place, you can select from an even broader set of solutions to extend the Planful platform out the edges of the business. In under 3 months, you can be using Planful to drive sales & ops planning, or demand planning, or trade promotion planning, or SKU-level revenue planning, or territory and quota management, or account segmentation and scoring. And this list is just the beginning. As you progress on your Continuous Planning journey, the list of planning use cases supported by the Planful platform goes on and on. 

Planful Now is the perfect way to get started on your Continuous Planning journey. Continuous Planning is the modern framework for financial decision-making in business. It’s an always-on, collaborative approach to company-wide planning, reporting, and decision-making to match the continuous nature of your business. Planful Now enables you to take the first step, and then expand the Continuous Planning framework across your company from there, producing faster cycle times, more accurate planning, and more collaborative execution.

  1. Planful compresses FP&A cycle times so you have more time to focus on strategy, pressing projects, and helping the business get back on track. 
  2. Planful extends a planning and decision-making platform across every corner of the business, providing more accurate information and up-to-the-minute plans, forecasts, and reports so everyone can act faster and with a higher financial IQ. 
  3. Planful keeps you connected and collaborating across your company so everyone is working together, quickly and efficiently.

We’ve seen many customers achieve success with this approach. It makes it easy for you to start with the use cases that are most important to you, achieve quick wins and high value, and then expand your use of the platform across a wide array of planning use cases when you’re ready

Planful Now is built for today. It’s our way of helping you regroup and recover, faster and with more success. We’ve done it before, and we can do it for you too. Customers like Carta, SmartyPants Vitamins, Temple University, and more have all put Planful to work in under one month—some as quickly as just 20 days! 

Learn more by visiting the Planful Now website, or attending the Planful Virtual Tour on May 19-21. At the Tour, check out the Planful Now session on Thursday, May 21 at 10:30 a.m. PST. You’ll also have the opportunity to hear directly from SmartyPants, Carta, and Bose, to learn how Planful Now helped transform the way they work and the strategic role they play in their organizations.

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