Planful Perform 2021: Day 2 Brings More Keynotes, Customer Stories, and Tips to Accelerate Now

Planful Perform 2021: Day 2 Brings More Keynotes, Customer Stories, and Tips to Accelerate Now

The final day of Planful Perform 2021 featured marquee keynotes, valuable learning sessions, customer stories, and more. Overall, this event for finance and accounting professionals featured nearly 20 hours of great content. Planful customers also shared success stories, with over 30 total speakers hailing from more than 20 Planful customers, partners, and friends.

Here are just a few highlights of how Perform 2021 Day 2 offered a vision for finance and accounting to break new ground, accelerate decision-making, and move your business forward.

Visionary Keynotes

In the Day 2 opening keynote, “Thrive or Get Crushed,” Ray Wang, Principal Analyst and Founder of Constellation Research, shared insights from his new book, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” Ray, along with Planful CEO Grant Halloran, discussed how massive economic and global shifts are impacting businesses while presenting immense opportunities only a few will capture. Ray explained how “data supremacy” can ensure you don’t miss the boat, and why the Office of the CFO is now critical to accelerating an organization’s decision velocity. Ray also implored CFOs to focus on analytics, automation, and AI so they not only answer the right questions, but know which questions to ask.

In the “Planful Innovation” keynote, Planful’s CTO Sanjay Vyas and CPO Andrew Chatfield were joined by Planful product leaders to reveal our latest innovations for accounting, FP&A, and finance teams. The group reviewed new enhancements designed to maximize the performance, scale, quality, and agility of Continuous Planning efforts—both today and in anticipation of the increasing pace of business growth and complexity. With these latest innovations, customers can turn more, and more complex, data into higher-quality insights and increased decision velocities. And, companies of all sizes get an endless runway on which to scale their business. To learn more about these exciting new product innovations, read our related press release.

More Planful Customer Stories

Perform 2021 showcased how finance and accounting professionals at Planful customers put our platform to work. These pioneering organizations shared insights on transforming finance and accounting, elevating the financial IQ across the business, and more. 

  • Alert Logic explained how the company uses Planful to automate monthly reports, create more accurate forecasts, and deliver precise financial insights to business leaders.
  • Imperial Dade detailed how the company started with Planful for close and consolidation and evolved to rolling forecasts, dynamic commentary, and more, doubling its number of Planful users.
  • Kiewit Corporation covered its use of Planful dynamic reports to explore variances, how Planful task manager adds collaboration with the business to craft the stories behind the variances, and shared tips on how the company uses sublines in OPEX templates.
  • LifeStance Health described how the company modernized budgeting and reporting with Planful in just weeks and added complete forecasting and reporting in under a quarter.
  • National DCP explained how it uses report collections, Spotlight reports, and dynamic dashboards to give executives, business managers, and more direct access to Planful while speeding decisions across their organization.
More Tips, Techniques, and Topics

Even though we’re experiencing seemingly unending uncertainty, Perform 2021 sessions pushed attendees to look beyond today. Now is not the time to pause, and for the day-to-day efforts of finance and accounting professionals, these practical sessions offered guidance on how those teams can work faster, more intelligently, and with more confidence. Topics included:

Stay Tuned for Perform 2021 On-Demand

Perform 2021 brought out the best talent to help finance and accounting professionals Accelerate Now. It featured relevant, helpful content from over 30 industry experts and practitioners representing more than 20 organizations.

Soon you’ll be able to watch the Perform 2021 sessions you may have missed, share essential topics with colleagues, and review presentations to capture every tip and trick. Check back for more information in the coming days.

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