At Planful, We Give Thanks for Our Customers

At Planful nothing is more important than ensuring the success of our customers, this makes our Planful User Group series so rewarding. Earlier this month we wrapped up the North American portion of our Planful User Groups. Our amazing customers Planfuled us in six cities across the U.S. In each one, we learned about their successes, challenges they’re still working on, and how we can continue to support them on their Continuous Planning journey.

A major theme of our user groups this fall was our future vision for Planful. Since Planful appointed Grant Halloran as Chief Executive Officer, Grant’s leadership has crystallized our vision for the future. At each user group we shared our vision of Continuous Planning, how businesses who adopt a vision of Continuous Planning can elevate their financial IQ and gain the agility required to respond with speed and accuracy to the constant changes in their business.

3 Key Takeaways from the 2019 Planful User Groups

We shared the mantra – simple, fast and beautiful with our customers, discussed how this philosophy will help them and the entire business become successful. We briefed our customers on the hard work all of our engineers, designers, and product teams have poured into the Fall19 Release which will make Continuous Planning simple, fast, and beautiful. Our customers were truly energized when they saw what 2020 has in store for Planful and our Continuous Planning Platform.

We had robust discussions around how finance and accounting work together, the good, the bad and the opportunity for improvement. A key theme that stood out in these conversations was the importance of accelerating financial close, shortening the time it takes to get actual data to FP&A and out to the front lines of the business to support both structured and dynamic planning.

An additional takeaway from our user groups was the importance of a single, unified-platform. A platform that supports both structured and dynamic planning, accelerates the financial close, and provides insightful reporting to support the needs of the entire business, all in one place. We’re happy to report our product team is continuing to enhance the areas of our platform that provide our customers with the simplest and most beautiful user experience.

Listening to Our Customers

We listened. Our partners shared tips and tricks, and we listened to our customers share success stories about how they use the Planful Platform. Our customers are our greatest resource. At each user group we received invaluable feedback, what our customers would like to see in our platform and how we can best support them. We have taken that feedback to heart and are already building it into our product roadmap!

Most importantly we had fun! We traveled to Irvine, CA, Lehi, UT, Minneapolis, MN, Phoenix, AZ, Portland, OR and Raleigh, NC. Packed afternoons of presentations, demos, and discussions led into evenings of dinners with networking and community building. The Planful community is growing and it is great to watch our customers build relationships, collaborate and work together. It is amazing to see what can happen when a community of individuals and companies are focused on a vision of Continuous Planning. We know that companies do better when they’re able to see around corners. It puts companies in a position to grow, and that is good for everyone – customers, employees, shareholders, and economies.

A huge THANK YOU to all of our customers and partners who attended and especially to our customers who opened up their offices to us! We are so excited for you to see how your invaluable feedback will appear in upcoming product releases. Thank you all and see you soon!

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